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iLASIK: Transforming Your Perception of the World around You, 20/20 and Beyond

The Lincoln Eye & Laser Institute is the only center in Lincoln, Nebraska to offer you the most advanced form of LASIK laser vision correction known as iLASIK. A totally bladeless, all Laser, fully customized LASIK procedure that combines the advantages of the advanced iFS Laser with the fully custom ultra preciseVisx Star S4 Customvue Laser. With iLASIK, our doctors look forward to transforming your vision from one of blurriness and uncertainty to one of sharpness and clarity with potential outcomes that can be better than 20/20.

There are only a handful of iFS lasers in the entire midwest. The Lincoln Eye & Laser Institute is proud to offer this advanced Laser. The advantages of the iFS Laser over other lasers are numerous.

Faster speed. The iFS laser is capable of making your LASIK flap in less than 10 seconds. It is 150 % faster than other Intralase lasers used in Nebraska. This faster speed minimizes discomfort and increases the safety of your LASIK procedure.

More secure flaps. The iFS laser is capable of making inverted side cut flaps, something no mechanical blade or earlier versions of Intralase can do. The inverted side cut beveled flap allows for the flap edges to be tucked in, allowing for stronger healing to occur which contributes to better long term flap stability. TheiFS laser flaps are 300 % stronger when compared to flaps created by mechanical blades.

Smoother flap beds. Because the iFS laser is150 % faster than other Intralase lasers it can create a smoother flap bed and optical surface resulting in better visual outcomes.

Visx Star S4 Customvue Laser, True Custom wavefront technology. Every eye has its own unique optical flaws, higher-order aberrations that prevent it from seeing its best. Much as each diamond is unique in having its own individual imperfections. Even eyes with the same amount of nearsightedness will have different optical imperfections.

In the past eyes with the same amount of nearsightedness were all treated exactly the same way because we could not treat the other optical imperfections beyond nearsightedness/farsightedness or astigmatism. The advent of custom wavefront-guided treatment technology changed all that. The integration of custom wavefront technology in LASIK was a quantum leap for laser vision correction. It greatly improved the accuracy and precision of LASIK.

In Custom LASIK a Hartman Shack aberrometer is first used to generate a precise wavefront map of your optical system with a custom profile of the many individual higher-order optical aberrations of your eye beyond the usual nearsightedness/farsightedness and astigmatism. Next, sophisticated treatment algorithms are used to generate a treatment plan to neutralize or minimize these higher-order aberrations in the course of your treatment.

Because these treatment plans are so highly accurate it is also important that the eye alignment to the treatment plan be equally as accurate. That is why the Visx Star S4 also has integrated active auto-tracking of your pupil during treatment and iris registration to match up the treatment plan to your eye in perfect alignment.

By putting these two incredible lasers together, the iFS laser and the Visx Customvue Star S4 in one procedure called LASIK have laser vision correction to a new level, surpassing our expectations as eye surgeons.

The end result of all this wonderful technology is of course just phenomenal vision with 98 % of patients able to see 20/20 vision after the initial LASIK treatment and many patients achieving 20/15 vision with a few even seeing 20/10.

Preparing for Surgery

At The Lincoln Eye & Laser Institute serving Nebraska and the surrounding states of IowaKansas, Missouri, Colorado and South Dakota, our team of LASIK eye care specialists will start with a careful evaluation of your vision goals, followed by a thorough evaluation of your vision needs and last but not least, a very comprehensive evaluation of your eye health and visual system.. We will then formulate a customized treatment plan to maximize your vision independence from glasses and present you with a series of options so you can achieve your personal best vision. We will also help you apply for financing so your options are affordable.

In the weeks leading up to surgery, it is important that you discontinue the use of contacts as they alter the shape of your corneas. Evaluating your eye in its natural form will enable our specialists to accurately measure the curvature of your cornea, the amount of any nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and your higher-order optical aberrations. Also, the thickness of your cornea will be measured. Do not be surprised if we at times repeat some measurements several times. Our philosophy at Lincoln Eye & Laser Institute is to measure several times so we only have to do the surgery once.

What to Expect During Surgery

The LASIK procedure will be performed on an outpatient basis in our convenient on-premise, state-accredited ambulatory surgical center. Our Surgical Center is solely dedicated to Eye surgery and is staffed with highly trained and specialized surgical nurses that focus only on eye surgery. Prior to surgery, you will be given a sedative to help you relax, and your eyes will be numbed by a topical anesthetic. With the relaxed atmosphere of our private and exclusive surgical center, our patients can feel comfortable and at ease throughout their procedure.

With all-laser iLASIK your surgeon will use the IntraLase® iFS 150 kHz laser to create a hinged flap in the outermost layer of the cornea. The focal point of the laser beam penetrates the cornea only about 110 microns, your typical cornea is about 540 microns thick. This process will take only about 10 seconds and is where you feel some pressure on your eye and your vision will usually be dark during this brief time. This flap is then gently lifted out of the way, and the Visx Star S 4 laser will first align your wavefront-guided treatment plan to your eye accounting for any eye rotation or movement of your pupil.

Next, the laser will start to reshape the underlying corneal tissue with remarkable precision. You will hear a tapping sound while the laser is treating your eye. A five diopter myope may take 30 seconds to treat. This part of your treatment will typically require the removal of 15 microns of tissue for each diopter of nearsightedness The corneal flap is then replaced (without stitches), and the iLASIK procedure is then complete.

Results and Recovery

After the procedure, the surgeon will place some drops on your eye and place a protective wrap around sunshade over your eyes to protect them. You will be instructed to use drops at home for several weeks. You will need to make arrangements for someone to drive you home from our office.

On the day after the procedure, the doctor will want to see you for a follow-up visit. You should be able to drive yourself to this appointment, but you will need to wear sunglasses to help with light sensitivity. Your follow-up visits will typically be at one week, one month, and three months. Additional visits may be scheduled if the doctor believes it is medically necessary or if there is a possibility of the need for a retreatment.

Retreatment is a second procedure, usually performed at least three to six months after the first laser procedure, to correct residual refractive errors. During retreatment, the"seal" around the flap is gently re-opened, and the flap is gently folded back. The laser then shapes the cornea just as it did during the first procedure. Nationwide, enhancement procedures represent between 10 and 20 percent of all LASIK procedures performed. At the Lincoln Eye & Laser Institute, our enhancement rate is 5 % or less.

Benefits of LASIK

Why have LASIK? Certainly, we could continue to wear glasses or contacts for the rest of our lives. Here are some reasons why our patients decided LASIK was right for them.

Glasses get in the way of many sporting activities and LASIK sets them free from glasses allowing them to pursue sports activity without having to worry about their spectacles slowing them down. Swimming, snorkeling, golfing, tennis, surfing, football, basketball, volleyball, skiing are all easier when glasses are not needed.

Cost. Some patients cite the high recurring cost of having to buy glasses every two to three years because they wear out, they break, get scratched up but even if they don’t break, they go out of style. With some spectacles now costing $700 to $1000 a pair, it doesn’t take long to come out ahead with LASIK.

Glasses fog up in the winter and hot humid summers, LASIK never does.

They would like to see the alarm clock from across the room or watch TV in bed and not worry about falling asleep in their contacts and have a painful eye the next day or fall asleep with their glasses and wake up with a pair of bent glasses the next day.

Risk of Contacts. Many have seen the news about serious fungal or bacterial infection outbreaks associated with contact lens wear or contact lens cleaning solutions or have experienced a corneal ulcer first hand.

Security. Some people are so nearsighted they fear that losing their glasses at the wrong time may put them in significant jeopardy, especially in emergency situations.

Occupation. Emergency first responders simply cannot have a contact lens malfunction or deal with the loss of spectacles in an emergency setting when lives are at stake.

Comfort. Many feel that with passing time contacts simply become more uncomfortable to wear than they used to be.

Several friends or a family member had LASIK with wonderful results and told them about how easy it was allaying the fear that held them back from having it done.

They found LASIK affordable with our 24 months no interest financing.

LASIK is the only thing that can provide them with 24/7 great vision from the first moment they open their eyes in the morning to the moment they fall asleep at night. No contact lens hassles, no dirty glasses to clean, no lost glasses or scratchy eye from contact lens overwear.


These are the top five comments we hear from our patients after having iLASIK

  1. Best money I’ve ever spent
  2. I should have done this sooner
  3. I am amazed by how well I see
  4. This was way easier than I thought
  5. Thank you I haven’t seen this well since I was 5

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