Customized Vision Correction for Your Unique Eyes

Are you tired of having to wear glasses or contacts just to see clearly? The Lincoln Eye & Laser Institute offers vision correction procedures including Custom LASIK and iLASIK to patients living in Nebraska, and Iowa who desire an improvement in the quality of their vision. The Lincoln Eye & Laser Institute is proud to be the first laser vision correction center in Nebraska to offer IntraLASIK™ and CustomVue™. Our team is committed to offering customized, state-of-art laser-assisted refractive eye surgery that rises to the highest standards of quality and safety. Personalized care is our trademark.

An In-depth Look at Custom LASIK

By performing a thorough analysis of your eyes, our board-certified Lincoln, NE ophthalmologists can identify the higher-order aberrations (HOAs) that are affecting your visual acuity and compromising the overall quality of your vision. Everyone has a unique set of HOAs, which are like the"fingerprints" of the eyes. These minute flaws in the shape of the eye are measured with instruments that detect variations in a wavefront that is projected into the patient's eye by very sensitive diagnostic instruments. Through computer analysis of the reflected wavefront, the higher aberrations can be detected and measured. This information is transmitted to a computer that guides the excimer laser as it corrects the patient's unique pattern of HOAs. This whole process is called wavefront-guided LASIK. At our Lincoln vision correction center, we refer to the procedure as “Custom LASIK."

FDA studies have shown a significant improvement in the outcome of wavefront-guided LASIK eye surgery performed with the VISX laser compared to traditional LASIK. Historically, traditional LASIK provides approximately 70 percent of patients with 20/20 vision or better without glasses or contacts. By contrast, 94 percent of patients who underwent wavefront-guided LASIK, had 20/20 or better-uncorrected vision six months after surgery, and 98 percent had 20/20 or better after 12 months. In addition, studies have shown that in some patients, the uncorrected postoperative vision was actually better than best-corrected vision before surgery.

Besides having a higher success rate than traditional LASIK, wavefront-guided LASIK has also provided many patients with better outcomes in terms of their quality of vision, including their night vision. However, it is important to understand that no one can guarantee the outcome of your LASIK or IntraLASIK surgery, even with a wavefront-guided procedure. Although the risks of complications are low, there is always some degree of risk associated with any surgery.

iLASIK, The Ultimate LASIK

iLASIK is a revolutionary new procedure available at Lincoln Eye & Laser Institute that combines the advanced wavefront-guided laser vision correction technology of AMO’s Customvue with the safety and precision of the Intralase iFS flap creation laser. The resulting iLASIK, is the ultimate LASIK, with unmatched precision and safety over all other forms of LASIK. iLASIK is an all-laser LASIK procedure, involving no blades. iLASIK is wavefront-guided and fully customized, greatly reducing the risk for human error. Wavefront-guided laser vision correction can provide sharper vision because it can address higher-order optical aberrations in your eye that glasses and contacts cannot. The iFS laser can create thin and precise corneal flaps with much smoother beds in a record low 10 seconds and the entire procedure can take place in less than 10 minutes per eye.

Contact Lincoln Eye & Laser Institute about Custom LASIK or iLASIK

iLASIK and Custom LASIK have made an already safe and effective procedure significantly more so. To learn more about these revolutionary procedures and whether you are a qualified candidate, contact our laser eye center today. Call Lincoln Eye & Laser Institute today for your VIP appointment at 402-898-2015.

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